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Screen Printing 101 + Stencil making

Intro to screen printing with low tech methods.

In this beginner surface design workshop, we will explore low tech processes in getting your design on a screen and ready to print!
Screen printing can be a precise and professional looking tee shirt, or it can be an original mono-print art piece. In this workshop we will find the in-between and learn the fundamentals to pulling a clean image onto fabric and paper. In this workshop we will talk about the ways to get your image on a screen to make small batch prints without the use of chemicals or a dark room!
Each student will be provided supplies to create their own design as a stencil and share class supplies to walk away with some original prints.

Please come with an idea of a blocky image that you can hand cut via stencil or paint.  Fine line details will not transfer in these low-tech methods.

White fabric will be provided with workshop fee, but students are encouraged to bring their own tee-shirts