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Beginner Tablet Weaving at Indio in Durham

Sunday,  June 25 • 2-5pm • $40 per person
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Intro To Tablet Weaving with Found Materials
hosted at Indio in Brightleaf Square
Sunday,  June 25 • 2-5pm • $40 per person

Join us for a tablet weaving workshop with River Takada-Capel of RIVTAK. We will focus on using yarn, fabric and wool roving scraps to create an art piece with many textures and a personal story behind it. Students are welcome to bring their own yarn scraps and materials while warp yarn and recycled loom frames will be provided. We will use old picture frames, vintage yarns, fabric scraps, wool roving and other textural items to create a unique tapestry hanging. Students can take their tablet frame looms home with them! 
Supplies provided: Scissors, yarn, wood frames, forks or combs, tapestry needles, Tapestry weaving pamphlet included.

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