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Indigo Dye Workshop- Itejime Shibori

Join me, River Takada-Capel, in Durham on Saturday Morning, May 13, 2017, for a informative indigo dye lesson and workshop.
Hosted at my home studio in Northgate Park. 

Saturday, May 13; 10am-2pm

Lesson includes a brief history of indigo, how different cultures have and are using it, how the cold water pre-reduced indigo works, and different folding and clamping techniques to get the designs you desire! We will mark and fold all of our materials and prepare them for dyeing. Students are welcome to bring any *natural* fiber items (polyester will *not* dye in the indigo bath). Fabric will also be available for any additional needs for an additional fee. Each student will learn how to prepare their indigo bath and it will need sit over night to ferment properly.

All students will receive their own vat of indigo dye to dye 2 batches at the workshop and can take their bucket home to revive and use again!

Workshop includes prepping pre-tied fabric for dyeing and the process of letting indigo oxidize. Please wear clothing that you don't mind getting splattered with blue. This part of the workshop will be held outside and will be very hot, please bring your own hat to protect from the sun!